Our portfolio consists of many solutions services and products. This is why we developed a solution finder, so we can recommend the best solution for your business needs.

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Sensum Limited offers a wide portfolio of solutions, services and products across all industries.

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Global Solutions Portfolio

Over the last years, we have developed strong capabilities in helping our customers to develop new business models for the digital economy by combining business modeling skills, expertise in global & local digitalization trends & applications and field-proven ICT project experience.

Providing digital transformation consulting services for our customers is a first step, and naturally involves a deeper engagement with regards to business models, and, at a later stage, also ICT projects to adapt the existing ICT infrastructure, to protect digital business from cybercrimes, and to adapt corporate IT applications like ERP, CRM, HR Systems and PLM to the business needs of the digital economy.

Services Portfolio

With the challenges of today’s world, the needs for IT are changing. Companies need an innovative and reliable partner to address these challenges and respond to their requirements while creating business value. Our consulting and services team deliver the know-how and resources to design, develop, implement and manage a flexible IT environment.

Business Innovation with own IP Solutions

By combining our long-term experience in the ICT market with our profound commitment to innovation, we have created a framework comprising of solutions and services that help companies move towards a connected, cloud-based, social, intuitive and collaborative digital world. We help our customers create new revenue streams through innovation.